Making your monthly mortgage payment

There are several easy and convenient ways to pay your mortgage every month. Whichever payment method you choose, it is important to make sure your payment reaches us by your due date each month, to avoid your account falling into arrears and affecting your credit file.

Please make sure you understand the payment processing times of your chosen payment method. This is especially important when your due date falls at a weekend.

Pay by Direct Debit

By far the most popular way to pay many household bills. Once set up, Direct Debit is hassle-free, and your payment is automatically covered by the Direct Debit guarantee.

You also have the peace of mind that your payment has been made on time, and is free, if your account is up to date. It’s easy to set up, and you can re-arrange or cancel it at any time – just call us to change your payment or details.

Download and complete a Direct Debit form and return by post to:
Landmark Mortgages, PO Box 656, Durham DH1 9LY or you can quickly set up a Direct Debit over the telephone – call us on 0330 159 7152*.

Please see our Direct Debit – Frequently asked questions page for more information.

We will apply your payment on the due date. If a Direct Debit payment collection fails, a £6.50 charge is incurred.

Pay using our automated Payment Line

Call 0330 159 7152* and select option 1. Please have your account number, date of birth and correspondence postcode to hand. This line is available 24/7. Please make sure payment is made before 8pm on your payment due date. To use this service you need to be the account holder, not a third party.

Please note: Payments made after 8.00pm will not be applied to your mortgage account until the next day (this includes non-working days).

Please do not use this service if your Direct Debit has failed as this may lead to a double payment being taken from your bank account. We may try to take the Direct Debit payment again 7 working days after the first collection fails. Please call us on 0330 159 7152* 8.30am - 6pm Monday – Friday to confirm.

Pay by Standing Order

A Standing Order can be set up with most banks online if you use online banking. If not, you can phone or visit your branch.

It can only be set up and changed by you via your own bank, so you will remain in control of your finances.

If you’d like to make your mortgage payments to Landmark via Standing Order, use the following details.

Sort Code: 62-31-87
Account number: 80140262
Reference number: your mortgage account number

Payments take five days to clear and are only received Monday to Friday (not bank holidays). When instructing your bank, please allow for the payment to be made four business days before your due date.

Pay by Online Transfer

If you’re comfortable using online banking, then please use the following details to set up your payment.

Sort Code: 62-31-87
Account number: 80140262
Reference number: your mortgage account number

Payments take five days to clear and are only applied to your mortgage account Monday to Friday (not bank holidays), with a cut-off time of 6:30 pm. Payments made after 6:30 pm and at weekends or bank holidays are received the next business day (Monday to Friday).

Pay in Branch

Although people rely less on their local branch than they used to, some do still like the personal approach of face-to-face transactions. If that sounds like you, you can continue to make your mortgage payment at any branch of Royal Bank of Scotland or NatWest using a paying-in book. Contact us on 0330 159 7152* to request one.

Please allow at least one business day to cover processing. A £1 charge is payable for every branch payment made.

Pay by Cheque

It is still possible to pay by cheque, even though it is a little slower than most other methods. If you do want to continue making your mortgage payments in this way, please send a cheque made payable to Landmark Mortgages Limited. Please remember to allow additional time for your payment to clear once received.

Please allow five business days for your cheque to be received and reach your mortgage account by the due date. A £6.50 charge is payable if collection fails due to lack of funds.